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Being a believer in today’s culture feel’s like no easy task. Everywhere we look there are constant sources telling us how others think we should live and that our lives don’t measure up to the world’s standards. Timothy, the protege and son in the faith to the Apostle Paul, was no stranger to these kind of struggles. The book of 2 Timothy is a lasting reminder for the believer about how we live in the world and not of it, as workmen approved by God in the work he has called each of us to.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Part 1 - The Good Deposit of the Gospel
Jared Richard 07-17-16
Part 2 - The Good News of the Gospel
Jared Richard 07-24-16
Part 3 - The Challenges of Gospel Ministry
Jared Richard 07-31-16
Part 4 - A Worker Approved by God
Jared Richard 08-07-16
Part 5 - An Anatomy of False Teaching
Jared Richard 08-14-16
Part 6 - The Worth of God's Word
Jared Richard 08-21-16
Part 7 - Fulfill Your Ministry
Jared Richard 08-28-16
Part 8 - The Hope of Our Final Rescue
Jared Richard 09-04-16