First Irving



Singles Ministry at First Irving

The Singles Ministry of First Irving attempts to reach singles at all ages and stages of life. Through bible studies, fellowship opportunities, and missions, singles from all walks of life can find community and lasting friendships, along with opportunities for ministry and spiritual growth.


The Forge – Young Adults
11:20 AM | room M207

The Forge meets at 11:20 AM on Sunday mornings in room M207. It is a group of late teen to mid twenty something singles that meet for encouragement, bible study, and fellowship. The Forge exists to help equip young adults to connect with biblical community, cultivate and strengthen their faith, and participate in the Lord's work through the local church, going and serving wherever He sends us. Haden & Helen Outlaw serve as directors of this class.

Radiant Life – 40’s & 50’s
10:00 AM | room M209

The Radiant Life class meets at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings in room M209. The Radiant Life class also leads out our SEALS ministry, which feeds the homeless every Tuesday night 



We want all singles to find a place to connect, belong, and serve at First Irving. Each year, singles are encouraged to go and serve for God’s glory wherever He has called them. They are encouraged to serve on the local, national, and international stage from feeding the homeless in DFW to sharing the gospel with those who have never heard it.

Please check our Missions webpage for an updated list of opportunities.


Helen Outlaw