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Every semester, First Irving offers multiple Bible Studies specific to women. Through these studies we seek to offer you a safe and understanding environment to study the Word of God, discuss your walk with God, and work out struggles as they arise in your life.

Missional Motherhood

Sooner or later, every mother will stop and ask herself, Is this all I am? God has instilled motherhood with meaning and purpose as part of His greater plan for humanity. Whether or not a woman has been called to traditional motherhood, she demonstrates her nurturing gifts daily through caregiving, hospitality, discipleship, teaching, raising children, and serving others. Join Gloria Furman in this 6-session Bible study as she looks to Scripture for evidence of God's mission for motherhood and His greater purpose for each and every woman.

Knowing God's Covenant

Gather and see the incredible thread of God's covenant running from Genesis through Revelation. God has entered into a binding agreement with us, His people, and He always keeps His promises. Knowing Him as a covenant partner helps us trust him, frees us from the bondage of anxiety, and empowers us to walk forward in obedience. This study will transform the way you read the Scriptures, and is offered at two commitment levels (3 hrs/week or 5 hrs/week)