Modified Sunday Services

Service Times & Registration

We will offer 2 services on Sunday: 10am English and Online, and 3pm Spanish.

These services will all be housed in the worship center and will have a maximum capacity of 100 people. The English services will be identical in order to facilitate as many people as possible in both. We will need you and anyone else attending with you to register for your desired service. Please only have one person per household register, so that we can get an accurate count.

What To Expect on Sunday

  1. When you come to your selected service, you will only be able to enter from the front of the worship center on South Main St. You will need to park in the eastern parking lots in front of the worship center and proceed up the steps to be seated by an usher. If you need handicap accessibility, that will be accommodated. Please note that on your registration. All other doors to the church will be locked and movement throughout the buildings will be very limited.

  2. Because of social distancing requirements and safety guidelines, we will need to seat everyone in a very specific way. So, when you arrive in the lobby, you will be ushered to the next seat available as we have allocated them. This means that for many of you, you will get to try out some new seats in our worship center. Families will be able to sit together and singles that arrive together will be able to sit together. If you want to sit closer to groups, such as your ABF group, please plan on arriving together. Note that our doors will open 15 minutes before service begins, and we will not be able to allow anyone to congregate inside the building.

  3. As you come inside the building, we are STRONGLY recommending that everyone wear a mask. I know that masks have become a point of discussion in our culture, but our purpose here is not to debate their merit. We think that for the good of our brothers and sisters that it is advisable to wear a mask, at least while entering the building and being seated. Once in your seat, you are free to remove your mask, if you would like. We would only ask you to put it back on, if you needed to get up during the service for some reason. We encourage everyone to remain seated as much as is possible during the service for that reason. Our pastors, staff, and greeters will all be wearing masks on Sunday.

  4. We will have hand sanitization stations available, but we also ask you to bring your own from home. Obviously, supplies are limited and we will need to be careful how much we use over the coming weeks.

  5. If you have been sick in any way and not symptom-free for at least 48 hours, please utilize our livestream option for that Sunday. It is very important that we care for one another by making sure that we are well when we come. We will not be checking temperatures as people come in the door, because of the possibility of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19, but we are relying upon you to use wisdom.

  6. We will not engage in any practice during the service that requires physical contact outside of family/friend units, including passing elements in the service. We will all have to be diligent to not engage with one another as we normally would. This will be difficult, since we love each other. But precisely because we love each other, we will have to rely on other means of greeting.

  7. We will not have any childcare options available at this time. The requirements for childcare are understandably strict, and we are not equipped to accommodate them yet. We will, however, have overflow spaces in the HUB and choir room for those parents who need to step out for a bit with their preschool age children. This will be an exciting time for us to worship together as families, and we are excited about all the opportunities that come with that. At the same time, we do want to provide safe spaces for children that need a moment to regather themselves. Our Preschool Minister, Anna Brantley, is working diligently to make sure that it will be a safe and comfortable space for preschool families that have that need.

  8. We lastly and most importantly ask you to pray for the Lord’s protection and patience for our people. In some ways, the regathering may be more difficult than the shutdown. We know a lot of people will have a lot of opinions about how or when we should reopen, and we welcome any good ideas. But we also want to guard against this moment becoming an opportunity for the enemy. So, pray that the Lord will protect our unity as a people and protect us from this virus. We certainly don’t want this place of refuge to become a place of infection.