Biblical Hospitality

Biblical Hospitality

The challenge we are setting before our members is for every one of us to see the importance of engaging each other and our neighbors. Whether it’s a member from our ABF class that we have never connected with, or our next-door neighbor, in the month of July we want to encourage this fellowship to invite people into our homes.

This certainly does not mean that we treat one another or our neighbors as projects, but rather we care about people for who they are (people made in the image of God).

What Is the Goal?

To grow in our understanding, intentionality, and practice of Biblical hospitality and fellowship. This can be accomplished by inviting members from First Irving into our homes, and by inviting our neighbors into our homes so that we can intentionally seek to serve and share the love of Christ with them.

Practical Ways to Accomplish This

Hospitality with a Church Member:

  • Invite a family or individual over for coffee or dinner from First Irving that you do not know very well.
    • Share your stories and your testimony of how you came to Christ and get to know one another.
    • Ask how you can pray for them.
    • Establish a friendship.

Hospitality to a Neighbor:

  • Identify neighbors that live near you (or be intentional with neighbors you already know).
    • Discover his/her/their name(s).
    • Pray for your neighbor(s) by name. Be like the persistent widow mentioned in Luke 18. Plead with God to open doors (Cor. 16:9).
    • Befriend them naturally, look to serve their needs (if you do not already know them).
  • Invite your neighbor(s) over to your home.
    • Step out in courage and faith and ask, “Could we host you for dinner sometime soon?”

    • Cook a meal that they would enjoy.

    • Ask questions about their life (hear their story).

    • Share your story with them.
    • Identify the status of your relationship by how open the story-sharing and conversations goes.

    • Recognize basic indicators of their worldview.

  • Share the gospel with them (when you discern the relationship is ready and pray for the Spirit to move!).
    • Invite them to your small group.

    • Invite them to a worship service.

    • Keep building your relationship as neighbors.

    • Disciple them if the Spirit opens up that door (pray earnestly for this!).

Share Your Hospitality Challenge Story

As you step out in faith and work to grow in Biblical hospitality, please share your story so that the First Irving family can be encouraged by God’s work amongst us. Please email Alicia Frick:

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