Table Talk: Displaying Love for One Another

Text: Philippians 2


1. How does Jesus’ life fully exemplify the idea of not considering the self but rather considering others? How does that kind of love toward you motivate you to love others by considering others needs first?

2. Are your prone to considering yourself first before considering another's needs? If yes, have you confessed this before the Lord and remembered the forgiveness granted though Christ?

3. What are ways that you can consider your family members and church family members first today?

Prayer Points:

1. Father, would you allow us to consider all that Christ has done for us by laying down his life for ours.

2. Father, would you help me and our family to grow in selfless and considerate love for one another and our church family.

3. Father, may we recognize our propensity to serve the flesh, and would you give us a new mind and heart that looks like yours.

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