Table Talk: God's Grace In Exile

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Jeremiah 29:10-14. What did God want to teach His people in the midst of this exile?
  2. How do seasons of exile help us pursue the Lord with our whole heart?
  3. What has the Lord removed recently in your life that was competing in your heart with the Lord?
  4. How does the exile brought about by church discipline in the New Testament teach us to love the people of God (see I Cor 5)?
  5. How has the removal of our gathering in your life increased your desire for that gathering? Are there things that you used to choose over gathering with God’s people that you would not choose now? Has this time of exile from one another led to a greater appreciation for the gathered people of God in your heart?

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, help us to learn the lessons you are teaching us in exile. Help us to not return back to “normal.”
  2. Would you search our hearts, O God, and help us see what has been removed in our lives that was preventing us from worshiping you with our whole heart?
  3. Would you lead us to repentance and use this time to reshape our focus on you?
  4. Would you bring about a greater commitment in us to the people of God? Help us to choose freely what we have taken for granted so often when this crisis is over.

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