Table Talk: Jesus Teaches Us To Pray In Our Homes

Text: Matthew 6:5–8, 9–15


  1. How often do you pray in your home? Have you ever intentionally gone to a quiet place to pray? What could this look like for you?
  2. Where in this text do we see God’s character, and how does it lead us to Adore/Worship him in our prayers?
  3. How does this text help us to pray in asking God for our needs to be met (Supplication) and also our sins to be forgiven (Confession)?

Prayer Points:

  1. Heavenly Father, would you help grow and build my/our prayer life. Help us to pray faithfully as this text describes.
  2. Lord God, would you grow FBC Irving as people to pray more faithfully in our homes. May we be a people of prayer when we gather back together.
  3. Lord, may we teach and model for the younger generation how to pray, and what a faithful prayer life looks like. May we pray for them that they all come to know you by faith.
  • Adoration: Praising God for Who He is - Ps.145; Acts 24:24
  • Confession: Stating sin, and asking forgiveness - Ps. 51; I John 1:9
  • Thanksgiving: Thanking God for specific things He has done - Ps.107:8–9; Matt. 11:25
  • Supplication: Asking God for things we want and need; the needs of - Matt. 6:11; Luke 11:9–12

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