Our History

A Gospel That Transcends Time

In 1904, a small group of individuals looked around at their newly formed community and realized the need for a gospel centered church.

They began meeting in a small school in January, and were constituted as a Baptist Charter a few weeks later. Since that day, the church has traversed a rich and long history of faithfulness to Christ and His mission. Though the mission statement, vision, pastor, and staff have changed over the years, the body of First Irving has stood in Irving as a beacon of the Gospel, for all people.

January 1904

18 charter members began to hold services at Lively School of Irving. The church called Reverend W. J. Shipman as a “fourth-time” pastor—meaning that he preached at the church one Sunday a month.

First Baptist Church of Irving held its first revival under the direction of Reverend T.W. Wright.


The Lord provided a plot of land for building. It was given to the church for $1 by Otis and Netta Brown. First Baptist Church of Irving built a simple building on it, with a dirt floor, gasoline lights, and two large woodturning stoves.

Reverend L.M. Keeling was called as the Senior Pastor, bi-vocationally. Several other pastors served along side him at First Baptist Church of Irving as the church pressed on through the Great Depression, working hard to service the Irving community in that hard time.


The church finally became able to call it's first full-time pastor, Reverend W.T. Newsom.

After calling a new Senior Pastor, Reverend W.P. Jones, the church formally changed it’s name to the First Baptist Church of Irving. They built a two story brick building for their educational facility, in anticipation of the work the Lord would do through them.

November 1942

Under the leadership of Reverend Jack Merritt, First Irving entered a period of unprecedented and rapid growth.

The Merritt Building, the new education building, and the sanctuary, with it’s stained glass, were built.

Reverend Henry H. Kinkeade was called to be the senior pastor of First Irving. The growth and excitement that came under Rev. Merritt continued. He had a long, vibrant ministry that lasted to his retirement in 1984.

Another two story education was built to accommodate the church's growth, including the chapel and nursery. Following tradition, it’s named after the pastor who was serving - Rev. Kinkeade.

First Baptist Church of Irving’s missions emphasis began catching large amounts of momentum. The church actively grew its participation in mission trips and church planting, both locally and globally.


Rick Young was Director of Deaf Work, offering the deaf community a full slate of ministries that included sign interpretation of all services, recreation, captioned movies, Bible studies, sing language classes, and activities for all ages.


After the retirement of Dr. Kinkeade, C.H. Murphy, Jr. was called as Senior Pastor. Under his leadership First Irving continued it’s growth and expansion of a mission emphasis.

Early 1990’s

First Irving, along with sister churches, formed the Baptist Benevolence Ministries of Irving (BBMOI), now known as Crisis Ministries of Irving. This organization remains one of the church's closest partners in servicing the homeless and impoverished, not just with items, but with the Love of Christ.


John Durham was called as Senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Irving. He spurred the congregation on with its new Vision statement, “To Know Christ and To Share Him with Others.” The church voted to begin dual Sunday Schools and Worship Services. The worship services reflected different styles of worship— one service was traditional and the other contemporary.


Jared Richard was called as Senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Irving. During his time, the church voted to return to one service to bring together the generations of the church in worship of God. A Spanish service was started under the leadership of pastor Moises Gomez in 2018, continuing the desire of the church since the early 2000's to meet the spiritual needs of the growing Hispanic community.


Dr. Blair Robinson was called to serve as the lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Irving.