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Luke 1:26–38 | Stewarding the Messiah

Driving Question. Why is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ so significant and magnificent? 1. Because the message came from heaven to an earthly servant [26–30] Apply: Have you pondered in your heart lately, why God has shown you his gracious favor despite your weakness? 2. Because the message contains miraculous truths about the Messiah [31–37] Apply: Reflect on Gabriel’s reverence for God's power and mystery. Reflect on the humility of Christ. Reflect on the Gospel of Grace. 3. Because it teaches us how to respond in faith to God’s word [38] Apply: Do you trust God’s word when it doesn't make sense? Response: Marvel at the mystery and miracle of the Messiah's birth this Christmas. Ponder why he came. [He came to die for you and me]

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