Women's Mentor Training

Weekly on Monday until March 5, 2018

I have talked to so many women who are interested in being mentored but do not feel qualified to mentor others. This course will help to prepare women to mentor other women. It will help women to understand that God has built into them experiences and God-given gifts to encourage, mentor and disciple one another as we walk together in this journey of faith. We will learn Scripture passages and skills to share in the mentoring process including the all-important element of prayer. Join us on Monday nights at 6:30 in the Fireside Room if you are interested in encouraging and strengthening your sisters in the Lord through mentoring.

Event Details

When: Feb 26 2018 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: $15.00

First Irving - Fireside Room
403 South Main Street
Irving, TX 75060

Childcare: No

Contact: Carol Calenberg cshepcal@gmail.com

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