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Kindergarten through 5th Grade is one of the most formative times in a child's life. And we want to help. The mission of this ministry is to partner with you, the parent, in your primary mission of discipling your child. We desire to reach, teach and equip your child in this influential season of life to "be strong and courageous" in the name of Christ, as commanded in Joshua 1:9. We aim to disciple them in Christ, train them to know the Word of God, and teach them to understand that God is there for them, loves them, strengthens them, and ultimately leads them. As Jesus makes clear in Matthew 19:14, we aim to usher them to His throne, "for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."


We equip and assist families to make disciples of their children for the glory of God.


The primary way that we believe that parents can disciple their children is through the practice of Family Worship. Family Worship is the daily practice of the worship of God in the home that is led by the parents. There are three basic elements of Family Worship: read, pray, and sing. Our desire is to equip our parents to lead their homes in the worship of God. So whether your family encompasses babies, children, youth, or all of the above we want to help encourage you in this endeavor. Below are resources on Family Worship in the home.

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Family Worship Resources


First Irving Kids exists to equip and assist parents in the discipleship of their children for the glory of God. This means that we view our ministry on campus as a supplement to the discipleship that should be occurring in the home. Our responsibility is to come along side parents to equip and train them on how to disciple their children in the fear of the Lord. We have created a simple document with more information about our ministry to help families with kids who are visiting our church.

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The Biggest Story

There is nothing more important for the younger generation than imparting to them a rich vision of the gospel and to help us with this we are using The Biggest Story curriculum. God’s story is the most beautiful story ever told, full of wonder and amazing grace and this curriculum has been chosen because God is always oriented as the main character of each story that comprises the larger narrative of the Scripture.

Another purpose this curriculum is the ease for it to be partnered with the practice of family worship in the home. This can be done by walking through the Scripture or story directly from a Bible or for younger children, with the help of the Biggest Story Book Bible.

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Additional Home Resources


Kids Kits for Corporate Worship

Our Kid Kits are prepared with our younger children in mind. We know that for our youngest children it can be a challenge to sit patiently through the service. So we provide a few sheets to color and take their own notes as a helpful resource to help them focus during the sermon. One helpful way for parents to use them is to ask your children the three questions on the sermon notes before each service: Are you ready to sing, Are they ready to pray, and Are they ready to listen to God's Word?

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