Sunday Morning Family Resources

We want to see you! We highly encourage you to take pictures and videos of you and your families doing worship together. Share them on social media and be sure to tag firstirvingkids!

Preschool Sunday Lessons

We want to resource your families well to do Biblical teaching well in your homes. We are so sad that we cannot see you all in person but are excited to provide for you teaching lessons, coloring sheets, activity pages, and more for you to walk through with your preschoolers. We truly believe that these weeks we have at home with our kids have the potential to be the most fruitful and intentional time with our children.We are specifically praying for you every Sunday morning. We hope these resources are a blessing to you and you'r home.

Elementary Sunday Lessons

During this unusual season in the history of our church and our world, we as parents and caregivers are given a very clear reminder of who should be teaching our children the ways of the LORD- us. Because we are separated from what had become the normal and accepted Bible-teaching platform (Kids Bible Studies, Adult Bible Fellowships), we can look to the Bible to see how God directs to us teach our kids. In Deuteronomy 6:1-5 we are directed to teach our kids what “the commands, decrees, and laws” of God are. We can teach them because we have been taught them. The foundation of what we have been taught , and what we teach, is “..the LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (v.4) In that seemingly-simple but incredibly profound command is the essence of how we live and view the world, and what we are to express to our children in word and deed. And we have the privilege and opportunity now to manage and conduct this and to enjoy the sweet involvement and results of family worship that flow from time together in the Word!

Kids Table Videos

Check out these kid friendly and helpful videos from our kids team.