Community Groups

To Know and Be Known

We believe the Christian life is best lived in biblical community, and this is especially true in college. College is a time of rapid change and growth, but which way we grow is often determined by who we surround ourselves with. God knows this, as he tells us all over scripture to meet with each other, know each other, and love each other as Christ has loved us.

To help you in this crazy life stage, the College Ministry offers Community Groups on most nights of the week. These are small groups of students that meet together weekly to pray, study the Word, eat, serve, share the gospel, and simply live life together. They are each led by one female and one male, to help meet the needs of all people. If you have any questions you can reach out to any leader, or to the College Team at First Irving to assist you.


5:30 PM @ 

DBU Apartment #5203

Steven & Miranda

Contact Steven     Contact Miranda

Tate & Grace

Contact Tate     Contact Grace

6:00 PM @ 

DBU Townhome 2A

6:30 PM @ 

DBU Townhome 13F

Josue & Abi

Contact Josue     Contact Abi

Charlie & Katelyn

Contact Charlie     Contact Katelyn

6:16 PM @ 

DBU Brownstone 12B


6:00 PM @ 

DBU Brownstone 11D

Spencer & Avery

Contact Spencer     Contact Avery

Eric & McKinley

Contact Eric     Contact McKinley

6:30 PM @ 

DBU Brownstone 16D


6:00 PM @ 

DBU Brownstone 16G

Cameron & Sydnee

Contact Cameron     Contact Sydnee

Tim & Cara 

Contact Tim     Contact Cara

6:30 PM @ 

4810 Spur 408, #326, Dallas


David & Payton

Contact David     Contact Payton

6:00 PM @ 

DBU Apartment #5305

6:30 PM @ 

DBU Townhome 8D

Robert & Briana

Contact Robert     Contact Briana

If you have any questions or need more information, contact anyone on the college ministry team! We will be happy to help!